EQteach feelings chart

Age 3-8 Years

This is unlike any normal feelings chart! It is rather a fluid and dynamic check-in that happens throughout the day or therapy session. The chart brings into the child’s awareness how many emotions they within a day, how to identify them and then to self-regulate! In a classroom environment seeing how their peers are feeling stimulates wonderful growth in empathy too.

A must for every classroom!

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Go Fish! For Feelings

Card Game. Age 3-8 years.

The game is based on the ever-popular Go Fish, which children love! It can be played in pairs or small groups of 4. For even younger children one could play snap or matching pairs depending on the child’s capacity. A detailed-instruction game card is included in the pack, guiding the adult on how to use the game to grow emotional intelligence in the child.

Go Fish for Feelings will:

  • Help you understand how the child is feeling
  • Help children communicate their feelings
  • Help guide parents in supporting their child emotionally
  • Help equip children to manage their feelings
  • Help build self-esteem
  • Help develop emotional vocabulary
  • Help enhance cognitive development through visual recognition
  • Help improve social skills through player interaction
  • Help develop fine motor skills through handling and quick reactions

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Bernice Claus

Grade R teacher and H.O.D. of Pre-Primary, Elkanah House School of Creative Learning, Sunningdale, Cape Town.

“We are enjoying playing your ‘Go Fish game’. I made a little story up to explain why each character felt the way he/she did and the children quickly related to the cute characters. This led to some lovely, insightful discussions about why the kids felt a certain emotion. It also helped me remind the kids all feelings are okay and that it’s how we respond to our feelings that is important”

Jill Blackbeard

Grade 1 teacher and Head of Curriculum. Elkanah House, School of Creative Learning, Sunningdale, Cape Town.

“My children were able to identify with the characters easily and quickly. A really great resource. This is a hit with my class! They love playing the game -it even inspired them to play other games in my games corner.”